A Taste of Sommer

They didn’t know it, but Sommer and Lavar Brown had been practicing to run a dessert business for a long time. Lavar, born in the Bahamas, baked sweets with his grandmother and mother from age 7. Trinidad-born Sommer learned to make soul food before she was a teenager. Still, when Sommer made strawberry cupcakes for

Sommer's Cupcakes
Southern Cuisine is Elevated at Root & Bone

Photos (except where noted) by Grove Bay   Bringing the Big Apple to the Sunshine State is no easy feat, but with a repertoire of renowned restaurants—Glass & Vine, Stiltsville Fish & Bar and Stubborn Seed—Grove Bay Hospitality Group makes it seem like a piece of cake. Or, in the case of its Root &

Immersive Learning

For a little more than 10 years, North Broward Preparatory School quite literally has been a home away from home for international and national students alike—and all homes need some upgrading once in a while. As a boarding school with a focus on inclusivity and diversity, NBPS plans to expand by building new housing, due