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Dentures nearly always feel strange when first fitted. And it takes a while to learn how to be completely comfortable while eating with them. 

Eating is easier with new dentures if you:

• Start with soft foods that are easy to chew

• Avoid sticky foods, like peanut butter

• Cut food into small pieces

• Concentrate on chewing slowly and thoroughly

It’s important that you get a good fit. Ill-fitting dentures can cause internal irritations, sores, and even bleeding. From one year to the next, your dentures may require adjustments or refitting  as your mouth changes shape (perhaps due to shrinkage of the jawbone and gums, for example).

Cleanliness is also very important with dentures. Accumulated food and bacteria cause stains and odors. At least once a day, you should brush all the denture surfaces with a cleanser. When you sleep or nap, you should soak your dentures in a cleansing liquid.

Also remember to brush your gums, tongue and palate every day with a soft-bristled brush. This brushing removes plaque and stimulates blood circulation within the mouth.

As an alternative to dentures, implants can be a safe and effective approach to tooth replacement. Implants will give you the best possible result when you are missing your teeth. 

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The Book of Life

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