Mai, Oh Mai!

What do the Thornton brothers, zombies, “The Hawaiian Wedding Song,” the Okole Maluna Society, the Samoan fire knife dance and an Impatient Virgin all have in common? As anyone who’s ever basked in the warmth of the flaming rum in a Kona Coffee Grog knows, it’s all part of the rich history at the Mai-Kai

The Comeback Drink

In his 12 years as a mixologist, Joel Mesa has learned that people cower in fear at the prospect of a gin cocktail. These days, it’s slowly making its way back to the forefront of the bar scene, a trend that Mesa, who runs the beverage program at Bulla Gastrobar (2500 Ponce de Leon Blvd.,

Fresh and Sweet

Though bartender John Lermayer admits he isn’t good with computers, walking into an Apple store makes him feel like a better version of himself: smarter, younger, richer, cooler. That feeling is what he’s trying to perfect at Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company, 237-B 20th St., Miami Beach, the cocktail bar he co-owns and helped

What’s Old Is New

Over the years, Scotch and whiskey snobs have given bourbon its share of grief, leading to a handful of misguided notions about the barrel-aged beverage, which is distilled from a dry-grain mix that includes at least 51 percent corn. For starters, as noted by the American Bourbon Association, Kentucky does not have a monopoly on

Hurricane Season

Shooters gives customers plenty of reasons to brave the elements Photo by Evelyn Robles If The Old Farmer’s Almanac proves Nostradamus-like in its forecast, August will be the wettest month of the year, with above-normal rainfall and the potential for major storms—all the more reason to head toward the Intracoastal and grab a seat at