From HQ: Changing Times

Transformation is all the buzz. It’s embedded into key initiatives and mission statements. It’s posted on websites and within ad campaigns. It appears that everyone, everywhere—is doing something transformative. But what is it, exactly? Is it as simple as being defined as change? Because there certainly is no shortage of that.

Here at Lifestyle Media Group, we’ve experienced a lot of change—a transformation—over the last year. In mid-2022, Babcox Media joined forces with the Fort Lauderdale-based Lifestyle team. The acquisition equipped LMG with cutting-edge products and capabilities to propel its South Florida brands, Lifestyle and South Florida Business & Wealth, into a new realm of multimedia content development to serve our readers, advertisers and sponsors. The collaboration between our two teams has been essential to our transformation and to our growth. 

Our cover story reinforces the theme: In a candid conversation for this month’s issue, Shawn Stockman, a member of the iconic R&B band Boyz II Men, reflects on the band’s ascent to stardom, the highs of its accomplishments and the successes the musicians have earned.

He also gets real about the challenging moments when the band felt finished—defeated. In doing so, he provides a glimpse into the very essence of Boyz II Men’s resilience. What fueled its resurgence and propelled the group back into the spotlight? It’s a story rooted in passion, a shared love for music, and an unwavering commitment to being the best they could possibly be. It’s a story of never-ending change, evolution and transformation. 

Adversity, as evidenced by Boyz II Men’s journey, can be a powerful motivator. And I trust that that is true for all great stories of transformation. It’s certainly proven true for our journey at Lifestyle. In the media industry, we can be guilty of “tomorrow’s vision.” We’re focused on embracing emerging technology, keeping up with trends and getting ahead of the storytelling. But it’s important to bring people along with us through change. There’s a human side to evolution that has remained central to our ambitions. Our transformation has been less about what we’re aspiring to become and more about a steadfast focus on what brought us together. What is that? A shared love for our readership, clients, and community—and how our media channels can bring it all together.

Stockman’s narrative prompted me to reflect on the passion, affection for South Florida and unwavering commitment to quality that the Lifestyle Media Group team demonstrates month after month. And for Boyz II Men, it’s been a tale of passion rekindled and a commitment to excellence that continues to define the legacy of this extraordinary musical ensemble.

Transformation—it’s really about the promise that’s in the future, which is why we stay at it, why the men in Boyz II Men take the stage for each performance. So, where do we go from here? The answer is anywhere—there’s no end of the road for us.

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