Fashion Update:

Every woman knows that the right jewelry can make all the difference for any outfit. A plain tee or simple dress can be transformed into a spunky girls’ night ensemble with the addition of a large statement earring. 

Unfortunately, these fabulous fashion statements are not always user friendly. They tend to be heavy and uncomfortable. After many years of wearing these heavy earrings, they can cause the earlobes to sag and become droopy by stretching out the piercing. 

Instead of going through a costly earlobe reconstruction surgery or just not wearing earrings at all, Robin Levinson, co-owner of Levinson Jewelers, has come up with a cost-effective and less invasive solution to the problem. After 30 years of experience in the luxury jewelry retail industry, she has designed a special backing to correct the problem.

Levears Earring Lifts is an earring backing that can be worn on the back of any pair of earrings with a post. The backing works by leveraging the part of your ear above the pierced hole to spread the weight of the earrings over a larger area. This prevents the sagging and drooping of the earrings. 

Not only do these fashion-friendly backings support the earring, but they also support the earlobe and prevent the earlobes from the damage of wearing heavy earrings. Levears Earrings Lifts are built to last and made by one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the world. Get your pair at Levinson Jewelers, 888 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. For more info, email [email protected] or call 1.800.270.2356.


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