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For the Love of Food

Lenore Nolan-Ryan

Lenore Nolan Ryan Catering & Cooking School

Galt Ocean Plaza

3311 North Ocean Blvd,

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308



Are you a Foodie? Are you an Epicurista? Are you a Culinarian? Are you a Gourmand, a Gourmet? What does it all mean? Are you one? Are you one and don’t know it? Do you want to be one? Do you live, love, laugh, and speak food language? Or do you care less?

Either way, we each have our own relationship with food. A Foodie is a person who has a refined interest in food, and who eats food not only out of hunger, but also as a hobby. An Epicurista is a person who enjoys great food, wine, and celebrations with friends anywhere and everywhere around the world. A Culinarian is a person skilled in cookery.

What is the difference between gourmand and gourmet? Anyone who is devoted to eating lots of good food, just for the love of food, may be classified as a gourmand while a gourmet knows a lot about good food and drink and is competent to pass judgment in the matter of taste. I know a lot about food. I love food, it is my life, it is my passion. When I go out to eat I want a delicious experience. Don’t you?

The food, service, ambiance all plays an intricate part in the adventure. Our mood stirs up a big spoonful of that adventure. My senses want to be stimulated: delicious food, beautiful presentations. smiling, gracious service. Not stuffy, adulterated, pretentious food, but real food. Love is the main ingredient food. I love to cook. I love cooking for you. Whether at a catered event or a pop-up dinner. Eating my fall off the bone BBQ Ribs to my lusciously addictive Mile High Chocolate Brownies, I want my food to dance on your palate. Just for the love of food!

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