Hairclub Commissions NFT of Salsa Queen Celia Cruz’s Wig for Hispanic Heritage Month

Proceeds from the commission and other donations will benefit communications, arts, and music within the Hispanic community

To honor Hispanic Heritage Month while raising proceeds for charity, HairClub and the Celia Cruz Foundation formed a partnership to pay tribute to “La Reina de la Salsa” (The Queen of Salsa) Celia Cruz. HairClub president and CEO Mike Nassar unveiled the commission of a commemorative certified replica paired with an NFT design of Cruz’s wig to be auctioned in New York during the week of her birthday on Oct. 21. Through the Celia Cruz Foundation, HairClub donated $40,000 to be used towards music and cultural programs.

“I am thrilled to partner with the Celia Cruz Foundation, representing such an iconic figure in the music world to support the Hispanic causes they serve, especially as the first brand to partner with Celia’s NFT as part of our award-winning ‘El Poder del Cabello’ campaign,” Nassar says. “As the leading provider of hair loss solutions in the United States, we are determined to expand and strengthen our commitment to minority markets.”

Nassar cites Cruz’s cultural legacy and iconic sense of style as the motivation behind HairClub’s mission of empathy and empowerment.

“We at HairClub are committed to creating an emotional connection while providing life-changing hair solutions and services that help our members like who they see in the mirror,” he says. “This is about so much more than selling products – like ‘El Poder del Cabello’ our message is about lifestyle and choices, being authentic and transparent.”

Beneficiaries from proceeds of the NFT auction include Florida State University and the Celia Cruz School of Music in the Bronx, New York, coinciding with an event in Puerto Rico at the St. Claire Foundation and the announcement of the auction winner.

“This Phygital (Replica + NFT), commissioned as a result of HairClub’s sponsorship, will nurture Celia Cruz’s legacy through one of her most memorable accessories, her wigs – carried out by Archetype IO, a company dedicated to new technologies within the metaverse,” Omer Pardill says, Celia Cruz Foundation CEO and Founder. “During Hispanic Heritage Month, the virtual image will be available from September 12 to October 18 at an auction, which is open to everyone, with funds going to develop music, art, and communication in Hispanic communities.”

For more information, visit www.hairclubweb.com/celiacruz or https://celiacruz.com/celia-auction/

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  • Sylvia Nwaozuzu
    Posted at 22:15h, 22 November Reply

    I think this partnership between the Celia Cruz Foundation and HairClub is a great way to honor the legacy of “La Reina de la Salsa.” Mike Nassar’s words were compelling, showing that their mission with this campaign is about much more than just selling products.

    It’s about creating an emotional connection that helps people appreciate how they look in the mirror, regardless of hair loss issues.

    The proceeds from the NFT auction will go towards programs focused on music, art, and communication in Hispanic communities, which I think is a beautiful project to be part of.

    The virtual image available during Hispanic Heritage Month is also a great way to commemorate Celia Cruz and her iconic sense of style.

    I appreciate the effort that HairClub has put into this campaign and its commitment to minority markets. It’s great to see companies taking social responsibility seriously, especially when we must come together as a community.

    I look forward to seeing what other initiatives the Celia Cruz Foundation and HairClub have in store for the future.

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