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A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens. Just as everyone develops gray hair, eventually, everyone develops cataracts. Most individuals begin developing cataracts in their 40s or early 50s, but may not initially experience symptoms. Over time, the symptoms can appear in a variety of ways. Blurred vision, discomfort with night driving, difficulty reading road signs, and impaired fine-print reading are common symptoms.

I specialize in laser cataract surgery. Femtosecond laser cataract surgery is highly reproducible, more accurate, and far safer than older techniques of cataract surgery with a scalpel. The laser offers excellent precision in making gentle, ultraprecise incisions in the lens and cornea, thereby producing better visual outcomes in current cataract surgery. Furthermore, patients with astigmatism can have this eliminated or greatly reduced at the same time as the cataract procedure, resulting in a markedly enhanced quality of vision and overall outcome.

Once the clouded lens is removed, I place an intraocular lens implant into the eye. The entire procedure takes five minutes with the laser performing approximately 90% of the procedure, flawlessly, in 30 seconds. There are no injections, stitches, nor patches required for laser cataract surgery. Within 15 minutes of completion of the laser procedure, the patient is on his/her way home. We examine you the following day in the office, thereafter, one can resume activities including bending, lifting, sleeping in any position, bathing, and showering. Typically, 48 hours later, a patient can exercise rigorously, play golf and tennis, swim, thereby resuming an active lifestyle.

A multifocal lens implant, such as the PanOptix lens, will focus light from distance, intermediate, and near simultaneously, thereby addressing all the focal lengths, enabling the recipient to be hopefully glasses-free, or at least far less dependent on glasses. The ability to read, drive, work on the computer, and see without glasses is an incredible freedom that was never possible with the traditional monofocal lenses!

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