On the Spot: Jamie Maitland

Jamie Maitland, owner of The Office fitness studio, answers 10 questions about her passions, work and interests.

Name: Jamie Maitland

Job title/company: Founder/owner of The Office fitness studio (theoffice954.com)

Place of residence: Fort Lauderdale


How does your day-to-day job play into your passion(s)?

My passion is to inspire minds and remind people of their own personal power. Thankfully, as a fitness instructor, this is what I do on a daily basis!

If you had to pick one meal to have every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sunday lunch at Sardelli [Italian Steakhouse in Hollywood].

If you could go back and talk to the version of yourself from 20 years ago, what advice would you give them?

The advice I would give to myself at 13 would be to get a job or a side hustle!

Where is your favorite place on the planet and why?

There are many places I have not been to yet, so it’s difficult to pick a favorite. But if I had to choose now I would say Colorado; the mountains make me feel a certain type of way.

If you had to point to one moment that has changed/altered your life what would it be?

When I sold my first business in 2017.

Besides anything involving your family, what never fails to tug at your heartstrings?


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To read The Four Agreements [a guide to personal freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz].

When is the last time you were scared?

The other night when I was in my backyard, there was a cockroach!

What’s something about you that people might be surprised to know?

I am a dual citizen—Canada and the United State.

If you could time travel, what time/place would you go and why?

Medieval times, so I could ride dragons like Khaleesi from “Game Of Thrones.” Yes, I believe dragons were once real, and unicorns! There were dinosaurs at one point, and the thought of that is pretty crazy, just saying.

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