Post-Irma Wishes from Lifestyle

The Lifestyle team extends its warmest wishes to all of our friends in South Florida. Most importantly, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy—power or no power.

Like many residents, we’re busy trying to put our house in order after a week of living on edge. In the days leading up to Hurricane Irma, members of the Lifestyle team were scattered throughout the state. In a few cases, employees hoping to escape the storm’s wrath inadvertently sought cover in cities that wound up in Irma’s crosshairs. Slowly, our out-of-town contingent has been making its way home.

Those of us who stayed with the ship are scrambling to put the finishing touches on our October issue. The majority of our team gathered on Tuesday at a house in Plantation with generator power to produce the remaining pages. It’s an issue that includes a host of new editorial departments with fresh designs from our incomparable creative team. It’s also an issue whose finishing touches are being fueled by a diet of Tostitos, Dove milk chocolate and Diet Coke.

But that’s how we roll. Be well everyone. And enjoy the stories in this week’s newsletter.

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