Reimagining Downtown Doral

At Downtown Doral, large-scale events and entertainment have long taken center stage, shaping the community’s identity through chef-driven dining and action-packed cultural activities. However, as cities across the world grapple with the effects of COVID-19, so have the developers at this outdoor town center. Here are some of the ways Downtown Doral’s Codina Partners are getting creative and reimagining life on Main Street amid the pandemic:

Since October 2020, Downtown Doral expanded its alfresco dining options (following all safety regulations and guidelines), starting with the closure of its famed Main Street to traffic so restaurants could expand their outdoor dining options into the street. By increasing the outdoor dining space, the restaurants—including Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market, Bulla Gastrobar, and Bachour Doral—can continue their vibrant way of life in the safest way possible. The Doral location of Antonio Bachour’s restaurant/bakery concept, by the way, features the world-class pastry chef’s renowned macarons, bonbons, and petits gateux (think tarts, brownies, and mousse-filled cakes) for those who need to satisfy a sweet tooth in sophisticated style.

To offer entertainment and keep visitors coming back for more in a safe and convenient way, Downtown Doral has launched temporary art installations. Highlights include night/day bubble art by local artist Haiiileen (pictured), and a mural by Chalk and Brush Design.

The highly anticipated Doral Yard is finally open, bringing a curated selection of food and drink, entertainment, and exciting activities to Downtown Doral. Similar to the now-shuttered version in Wynwood, the Doral Yard includes an eclectic line-up of culinary vendors, such as Della Bowls, Pokekai, Un Pollo, and Santo Dulce. In addition, the Yard features a rotating schedule of live music, including weekly jazz, as well as other community-driven events, including margarita night, outdoor workouts, and professional dance performances.

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