Traffic Light Safety Cams

The Village of Pinecrest is moving forward with its plans to implement automated photo enforcement at four intersections along northbound Pinecrest Parkway (US 1) – a roadway with a high incidence of crashes and violations caused by red-light running. Crews have begun installing safety camera systems designed to detect and deter red-light running at 104th Street. The following parkway intersections will follow:

128th Street

124th Street

• 112th Street


Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., a leading provider of road safety technology throughout North America, will install the systems and partner with Pinecrest to operate the program. The safety cameras will utilize radars to monitor passing traffic, as opposed to in-ground sensors, so disruptive road construction will not be required. Crews will work roadside to install the equipment. 

“We are looking forward to getting the red-light camera safety program up and running. This technology has proven effective at curbing dangerous driving behaviors in cities around the country, our goal is to improve safety at problematic intersections here in Pinecrest,” said Village Manager Yocelyn Galiano Gomez.

A traffic study conducted in February 2014 found five intersections along US 1 averaged 25 violations during a 12-hour period, with one intersection experiencing 50 violations. The Pinecrest Village Council approved the use of photo enforcement in February 2014.

Once installed, the Village will enact a 30-day warning period so drivers have time to adjust to the presence of the systems and modify their behavior. The warning period is expected to start in May.

Citations will not be issued during the warning period. Once the program is officially live, the fine for running a red light at a photo-enforced intersection will be $158. Points will not be added to the driver’s record. If a red-light running violation is issued from an officer, the fine in Miami-Dade County is $277 and four points will be added to the driver’s record.

The red-light cameras will monitor northbound traffic. They will only capture data of a vehicle, including video and hi-resolution images, if it enters the intersection after the signal turns red. A local police officer will review evidence of potential violations and have sole discretion to determine if a citation is warranted. Drivers found in violation will receive a ticket in the mail. They can review images and video of their violations before paying or contesting the citation.

“We’re very proud to partner with Pinecrest to reduce red-light running incidents,” said Redflex CEO Jim Saunders. “Manpower alone cannot significantly address the problem. Our technology enables law enforcement to reduce a crime that can be difficult to enforce on wide scale.” 

Redflex also partners with Jacksonville, Clearwater, Kissimmee, and South Miami.





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