IT'SUGAR flavored hand sanitizer

An unusual source of hand sanitizer

IT’SUGAR was on the cover of SFBW’s February issue for its rapidly growing candy store empire, but it also turns out to be a source of highly sought hand sanitizer.

A big banner ad on the IT’SUGAR website says, “Candy scented hand sanitizers available now.”

“Keep your hands clean and smelling great with your favorite candy-scented hand sanitizers. Set of four includes one each of Smarties, Icee, Dippin’ Dots and Mike and Ike. Each includes a silicone case with candy logo on front, which easily hooks onto your bags. Contains 65% alcohol,” the product description says. Each bottle is one ounce.

IT’SUGAR is based in Deerfield Beach and is owned by BBX Capital Corp. of Fort Lauderdale (NYSE: BBX).

The hand sanitizer shortage is so acute nationwide that some alcoholic beverage distilleries are starting to make hand sanitizers.



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