Back to School Goods

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1. 24+7 large laptop backpack: $139, theoliverthomas.com

2. BUILT NY Perfect Seal Apex Vacuum Insulated Bottle: $14.99, amazon.com

3. HubPlus universale charger: $79.99, mycharge.com

4. Yvonne Slip-on sneaker by Vionic: $109.95, vionicshoes.com

5. Baldwin lace-up sneaker by Vionic: $129.95, vionicshoes.com

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6. Horizon wellness bracelet (green) and classic sleep bracelet- steel case (black): $275, $395, phillipstein.com

7. Root robot by irobot: $199, root.irobot.com

8. t|w lunch tote: $49.99, twtote.com

9. BUILT NY Gourmet Deluxe Bento 10-Piece Set: $14.99, amazon.com


Beauty Picks

1. Lectrofan micro2: $34.95, soundofsleep.com

2. KAJA Cheeky stamp blendable blush: $24, sephora.com

3. Clean it zero cleansing balm revitalizing: $24, banilausa.com

4. Pool blue shave set by flamingo: $20, shopflamingo.com

5. Cariloha bedding: pillows starting at $40, sheets starrting $139, duvet, comforter and covers sarting at $239, cariloha.com


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