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There are many reasons for teeth loss: decay, periodontal (gum and bone) disease, trauma, and congenital. Failure to replace missing teeth can lead to shifting, drifting and greater wear of other teeth, bite changes, chewing difficulty, etc.

When teeth are lost, the most comfortable treatment for you is a non-removable solution.   

Thankfully, dental implants offer some of the finest restorative results possible in modern dentistry. They can often provide a permanent solution for missing teeth. They have a very good prognosis and for many patients they will last the rest of their lives

A single implant will replace one missing tooth. If more than one tooth is missing, it is not always necessary to place an implant for each missing tooth. Constructed of titanium (titanium is used for shoulder and knee replacement), implants are easily and painlessly placed into the jawbone. Later an abutment is fastened into it and a crown is then cemented on the abutment.

Next month I will list and answer frequently asked questions such as:

> Are implants always successful?

> Is everyone a candidate for success?

> Are implant-supported teeth as strong as natural teeth? 

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Book of Life

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The Book of Life

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