Citizens’ Crime Watch Honors Sergeant and Resident

Crime Watch of Miami-Dade County held its 39th Annual Awards Ceremony in September. The event recognizes police officers and community residents who are involved in crime watch within the communities they serve and live. Crime Prevention Sergeant Michael Gorsline was the recipient of the Crime Watch Officer of the Year award for municipalities and Pinecrest resident Susan Randall won the Crime Watch Chairperson of the year award. “The more eyes and ears we have working together, the less chance there is of falling victim to a crime,” said Sergeant Gorsline. There are currently 16 Neighborhood Watch groups in Pinecrest. Each one helps residents deter crime in their blocks. Neighbors exchange information such as emails, phone numbers and landscaper and pool servicer information so that each member is accessible and familiar with his or her neighbor. Getting started is easy – the first step is to get organized by calling Sergeant Gorsline at 305.234.2100.



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