Dealing With Anxiety

Dr. Titus Tucker, Ed.D., MSW

Assistant Clinical Director The Florida House Experience

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Have you felt overwhelmed when making a decision? Nauseous when preparing to take a test? Sleep problems? Shortness of breath without warning? Or do you experience situations when you cannot remain calm or still? These symptoms may indicate an issue with anxiety. Anxiety can interfere with your normal life and create distress. Anxiety symptoms can be disabling and without appropriate treatment, one may develop a condition that may impair your overall ability to function at work, provide adequate care for your children, create strained relationships, or prevent you from participating in hobbies you once enjoyed.

There are several techniques an you can implement when confronted with anxiety. Techniques take about 5 minutes sat most to practice and feel better (remember they take practice to get the most benefit).

Deep Breathing: Close your eyes. Slowly inhale through your nose for a count of five, then hold it, then breathe out through your mouth for a count of seven. Make sure you get deep breaths (your tummy should go out when it’s a deep breath). Slowly repeat the breathing process until all of the dark air has left your body and you are filled with only cool, crystal clear air. Open your eyes and make a fresh start on the task at hand.

Your Body: Imagine your body relaxing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet; go down your body and visualize the stress leaving through your body and out the soles of your feet, once you get to your feet, you will feel all the tension go out of your body.

Thoughts: Pay close attention to your self-talk. Are you thinking negatively? Are you focused on bad situations? Focused on what you did wrong? Self-talk can prevent you from relaxing and may induce significant stress or anxiety. Think about more realistic thoughts, address situations more logically, and recognize you can get through most anything! Its not as big a deal as we think!

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