Five things to know about: Ke-uH


Where: 2278 Weston Road, Weston

Phone: 954.900.2278


  1. A Little Help From Friends: Ke-uH (pronounced Ke-oo) is a twist on a slang Spanish greeting, que hubo? (“what’s up?”), which has been the introductory exchange between the restaurant’s eight partners for about 20 years. They’ve been friends since they attended high school together in Venezuela, says manager and co-owner Daniel Fernandez.

  2. Made to Share: Carlos Delfino, owner of Kazumi in Key Biscayne, wanted to open a restaurant that encouraged ordering small plates to be placed in the middle of the table for sharing. He and his partners, many of whom don’t have restaurant experience—Fernandez is a civil engineer; a lawyer, economist and doctor also are among the group—introduced their Asian tapas concept in June.

  3. Latin Fusion: One of the most popular dishes is the Bea Roll, Fernandez says. It’s made with shrimp tempura, a fried plantain, avocado and cream cheese, wrapped in soy paper and topped with lemon-pepper sauce. It’s named after the wife of one of the partners, who one day asked the chef if he would make it for her.

  4. More to Offer: While known best for its sushi, Ke-uH also offers sliders, grilled ribeye (cut thinly to be eaten with chopsticks) and robatas, or skewers, of beef, chicken, eggplant, shrimp and asparagus. From Monday through Friday, bento box lunch specials go for $10 to $15.

  5. Celebrity Chef: Ke-uH is working with chef Oscar Noborikawa, former executive sushi chef at Nobu Miami Beach. “When we opened and started hiring people, we found—and, by that, I mean God sent to us—chef Oscar,” Fernandez says of Noborikawa, who is Peruvian and Japanese. “He added some flavors and his touch.”

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