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Benefits of trampoline workouts.

If you thought your trampoline days were over after childhood, or maybe after childbirth, you’re in for a pleasant surprise…

Jumping on trampolines (AKA rebounders) is one of the hottest fitness trends of 2018 and is Cycleward Studio’s most talked about sculpt class….we call it “POUNCE!”

The benefits are endless and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Pounce is a total body workout, working everything from those tiny muscles in your feet, all the way up to engaging both sides of your brain. The cardiovascular, low-impact exercise shows to be more effective than jogging and requires much less effort.

Pounce strengthens and lengthens muscles improving flexibility. It improves joint, tendon and ligament function, which can help to reduce the chances of some forms of arthritis and lessen the pain in some arthritic joints.

Jumping on a trampoline also kicks your lymphatic system into over drive, which helps remove toxins in your body. The unstable surface of a trampoline helps to develop balance and coordination. When jumping, your brain has to function bilaterally, meaning both sides of the brain and both sides of the body unite to help maintain balance and coordination. This, in turn, increases your motor skills and core stability.

For my worried moms, pay attention…I promise, you will not pee your pants! (Inside joke for all moms). We do not catch enough air for it scientifically to happen, however, Pounce will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles anyway…BONUS!

So no excuses, channel that inner child and let’s have some fun! Oh, and speaking of children… Cycleward is now offering Kids’ Pounce. As Brody Fardette (9) said when he woke up last Sunday, “Mom, I’m so excited, it’s Pounce Day”!


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