Into the Light

New York-based designer Ramy Sharp might have had post-winter rejuvenation in mind when she developed the concept for her spring 2018 collection. But judging from the reaction at Saks Fifth Avenue inside Town Center at Boca Raton, where Sharp recently showcased the new line, you don’t have to suffer through multiple nor’easters to appreciate the vibrant colors and sophisticated silhouettes in her work.

Featuring lively hues of turquoise, hot pink, blue and yellow, Sharp’s collection calls for women to ditch the darkness of winter and step into bold colors.

“We come off the winter months [up north], and it’s very dark and cold even though the colors are beautiful and rich,” says the mother of three, who launched her contemporary womenswear brand in 2010. “I wanted spring to represent happiness and happy colors.”

Not only does her collection inspire happiness, it also inspires strength—which continues to be the bedrock of her brand. Sharp’s designs, influenced by women she’s admired throughout her life, embody the qualities of power, vitality and femininity. It’s for those reasons that she partnered with model Martha Hunt to represent her spring collection and collaborate in its release at Saks Fifth Avenue.

“Everything about [Hunt] is remarkable,” Sharp says. “Martha is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. She’s caring, she’s smart, and she’s philanthropic.” Sharp added that Hunt also is a role model for young girls suffering with scoliosis, an obstacle she overcame growing up.

In addition to a refreshing pop of color, the collection features such materials as leather, suede, tweed and Japanese tech—a breathable daytime fabric that drapes like silk. In order to put a spin on her traditional styles, Sharp made sure to integrate these materials mindfully into new silhouettes—some including cropped blouses and tight-fitting knits, a departure from her typical loose-fitting garments.

“The silhouettes can take you from day to night, and desk to dinner, which is really important to us when we design,” says Sharp, who feels that the versatility of this line will appeal to the upbeat lifestyle of women throughout South Florida.

“This collection resonates with the South, especially South Florida, because these women have a lot of style, but they’re also multitasking,” she says. “In particular, it resonates with the women in [Boca Raton] because they’re sophisticated, they’re busy, and they’re fun.”

Name That Silhouette
Inspired by the women closest to her, Ramy Sharp named the silhouettes of her original collection after her friends and family. One of her most popular styles, the Harriet—a silk halter top—was named after her best friend and has become a classic style in the Ramy Brook line.

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