Coconut Creek’s ArtsFest 2014

A series of black penned lines or a splash of color; clearly defined subject matter, an abstract of colors or something a little more thought provoking – Art can come in a variety of mediums and forms. Whether you are a connoisseur of different art forms or just know what you like when you see

Passion for the Arts

The evening sky lights up with the orange glow of fire and neon hula-hoops as dancers and performers fill the street and writhe to the heavy percussion of Latin music. This may be a typical scene on a hot night on Miami Beach, but not one you would expect of an increasingly popular cultural venue

Making The Grade

Our children are important to us and thus by extension so is their education. Looking for the right private school is not an easy task and just as arduous as looking for a college when the time comes. From testing, application, interviews and even more testing, it all can seem overwhelming for both the parents and children.

A Time to Remember

When October rolls around, everyone breaks out their pink clothing and ribbons to support those they know and love that have breast cancer, and to remember those whom they have lost. It is a life-changing event that has repercussions that extend beyond the disease and treatment and impacts even those who act as a support

My Club

December is a big month for everyone, whether they see family and friends, attend festive celebrations, or because it marks the end of another year. It is also a time of giving. The Women’s Club of Coconut Creek, whose primary objective is “The betterment of the City of Coconut Creek,” upholds this value with a

Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savor

Two things sunny South Florida does not lack are good weather and plenty of festivals. Here we take a look at a batch of bacchanals and a fanfare of festivals from Pinecrest to Delray Beach, including the SoBe Wine & Food Festival, the Boca Bacchanal, and many more specialty festivals coming up this year. Presented

Service Above Self The Rotary Club of Coconut Creek

The Rotary Club of Coconut Creek is an organization of dynamic, fun-loving people who work together to make a difference in our community. The club gets together for meetings on the second and fourth Mondays of every month and frequently has fascinating and informative community leaders as speakers. Its meetings are held in the evenings

Riding tall

A team of 11 riders from Coconut Creek rode tall in their saddles at the Special Olympics of Florida Equestrian Championships in Ocala earlier this year. The team brought home a total 10 medals, including three golds and two silvers. “We’re extremely proud of all of our athletes,” says Mandy DeBord, executive director of Equine-Assisted Therapies

The Silver Lining Florida Breast Cancer Foundation

Your life can be changed in an instant with just a few words. We remember this every October by wearing pink ribbons and attending walks and events to raise funds and support those who are diagnosed with breast cancer. It impacts our family and friends and even other survivors who act as a support system

Where the Heart is
Against the tide

  One of the best-kept secrets in Coconut Creek is hidden just below the surface of the township’s clubhouse pool. The swimmers from the Tsunami Swim Team have quickly turned a ripple into a swelling wave, capturing medals along the way. The Tsunami Swim Team took home three gold medals from the 2015 South Florida

my club

Some kids grow up wanting to be superheroes, police officers or firefighters. And some hold on to that dream of diving through flames to save others. The Margate Fire Rescue Explorer Program was started in 1992 to provide insight into the career opportunities in the field of fire rescue. The program was designed for anyone