Service Above Self The Rotary Club of Coconut Creek

The Rotary Club of Coconut Creek is an organization of dynamic, fun-loving people who work together to make a difference in our community.

The club gets together for meetings on the second and fourth Mondays of every month and frequently has fascinating and informative community leaders as speakers. Its meetings are held in the evenings at Bru’s Room on Hillsboro Boulevard just west of 441 and guests are always welcome.

In addition to meetings, there is one social event and one service project each month. The social events move around, taking advantage of local venues; they may be anything from a house party to a family picnic, a baseball game or a bowling night. Whatever the group
decides to do, it’s filled with fun, fellowship and fabulous people!

Service projects usually take place on Saturdays and may be focused on the immediate community, its district or on an urgent need within the U.S. or anywhere in the world. The club decides what issues and projects it wants to address and then makes it happen. The club is very hands-on, preferring to directly make a difference “on the ground” rather than focusing mostly on fundraising, although it does raise money to support its efforts and those of Rotary International. 

“The real questions are: Who are we going to help? Who is going to benefit in our community?”says Rotary Club president David Mountford.

Among the club’s many efforts is the recent house built for 4KIDS of South Florida, a nonprofit organization committed to finding a home for every child. This particular home was selected to help children around 17 and 18 years of age phase out of the social system and into society at large. The home was renovated by Rotary members as well as others.

The biggest initiative the Rotary Club – along with the whole district – is about to embark on is a campaign against missing and exploited children.

“The statistics are scary. One in seven children either goes missing or is exploited. And South Florida is a prevalent area where this occurs,” Mountford shares. “We are working on a national level as well to put an end to this.”

Other programs and initiatives include working with SOS Children’s Villages to educate teens on how to prepare, dress (including how to tie a necktie) and behave during a job interview. Additionally, there is a Youth Exchanges program the club sponsors to help local students study abroad for a year as well as to bring students to study here in return. 

If you’d like to be a force for positive change in your community and the world, consider joining the Rotary Club of Coconut Creek.

For more information on the Rotary Club of Coconut Creek, contact David Mountford at 954.718.0012 or visit rotaryclubofcoconutcreek.org. 

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