Coconut Creek’s ArtsFest 2014

A series of black penned lines or a splash of color; clearly defined subject matter, an abstract of colors or something a little more thought provoking – Art can come in a variety of mediums and forms. Whether you are a connoisseur of different art forms or just know what you like when you see it, there will be a wide variety at the first year of ArtsFest when it premieres in Coconut Creek. There will also by entertainment from a multitude of cultures including Chinese culture dancing for the kids, Middle-eastern Fusion belly dancing, face painting, calligraphy, live music and food trucks serving a variety of ethnic cuisine. There promises to be a little something for everyone at this festival on Jan. 12. Take a look at the following artists being showcased.

Frank Papandrea

One of the featured artists of ArtsFest and a Coconut Creek resident, Frank Papandrea stirs up both emotions and thought through the medium of pen and ink. He has worked as the Creative Director for the United States Postal Service for nearly 20 years; receiving numerous awards for his graphic design work. He currently works as an Artist Director and artist in South Florida.

His style of art started developing back in the 1970’s, inspired by the etchings of Albrecht Dürer from the late 1400s and Gustave Doré of the middle 1800s. Papandrea uses a technique of horizontal lines created with pen and ink, splitting the lines to generate the light and dark areas that create the base drawing of his artwork. Sometimes he will add color on layers of plastic to maintain the integrity of the base drawing. “I’m really timid to use color. What I do is create the line drawing and then add color on sheets of plastic. The more color, the more sheets of plastic,” he says.

While for many viewers, Papandrea’s artwork is often though provoking as he covers popular icons or some times a dark side of human nature. His process often evolves from taking a person or idea and collecting images to base his line drawing on, then adds humor and contrast before he starts. “I love sarcasm and irony. I am the ultimate cynic,” I believe the world has a dark side worthy of exploration,” he shares.

His artworks definitely express a stripping away of superficial elements and leaving the viewer with a feeling of looking at the rawness of reality. There are also a strong feeling of an absurdity of contrasts or opposing and often outright ironic composition that makes you think. “Art MUST move you to either hate it or love it, but never bore you. The would be,” Papandrea says, “the worst response a viewer could have to a piece.”

Check out the rest of his artwork at www.peninkart.com

Rachel Piering

An artist who paints in bright and vibrant colors often of people, Rachel Piering is a South Florida resident who provokes optimistic thoughts and positivity with her artwork. Her website clearly expresses this with the motto “Love to Live. Live to Learn. Learn to Love.” In addition to painting, Piering is always promoting the importance of art through her endeavors of planning and curating exhibitions in community. One day she hopes to open her own gallery showcasing both local and international artists.

Through the use of bold colors and shapes, Piering often depicts feminine figures in a semi-abstract style. Starting at an early age, she drew cartoons and continued to develop it in school. Like many artists, she uses it as a way to express her thoughts and feelings. “I just really enjoy painting. It gives me a lot of peace in my life,” she says. Having received lots of feedback, she had the courage to pursue her art further. 

Her style has a definite signature quality with large eyes and lots of color. She creates with clean lines and bod colors, often adding texture with various materials including metal or rubber. “And, I found a passion for painting larger works on vinyl,” she recently admitted.

Her love of travel has taken her and her art in different directions including Chicago and Honduras. It also has led her to love of curating after having received grants from the Broward County Board of County Commissioners – her second grantgoing towards funding an exhibition of 10 South Florida artists in “D.B.A. 2010” showing at Broward County Library. 

The positive attitude with which she leads her life comes through in her artwork whether she’s sketching or painting people, animals or environments. “What makes me happiest is hearing people can find a connection,” Piering says, “between their life and my paintings. And better yet that they’ve found encouragement and beauty in themselves [through my art].”

You can view more of her artwork at www.rachelpiering.com

Guido Del Carpio

Born in Arequipa, Peru, Guido Del Carpio was the son of tailors and fashion designers. As a young man he drew much of his inspiration for drawing, painting and design from the various churches – from the architecture, sculptures, paintings and altarpieces. He further developed his talents at La Esmeralda and San Carlos in Mexico City before attending Visual Art School in New York City.

Del Carpio draws much of his inspiration now from God and nature, often working outside of his South Florida home as he draws and paints. “If God is my father, [then] my mother is Nature,” he says, “So my studio is set in a natural environment.” His process includes immersing himself in whatever his subject is and becoming a much of a part of it so he can fully express it through his work. “I try to compress myself into whatever I’m working on. Be in the river or be part of the tree. Be in harmony with whatever it is I’m working on,” Del Carpio shares.

His artwork often uses a mixture of light and dark colors that creates an interesting landscape for the eyes to wander over, drawing you from one area to the next. While many artists try to express a feeling or evoke a specific response, Del Carpio’s body of work has the tendency make the viewer question. “My paintings and drawings don’t narrate or explain…,” he says, “they ask.”

Del Carpio may draw his inspiration from God and nature but his subject matter covers a wide array of topics of various ideologies and beliefs. He often takes a satirical view of things including serious focuses as addictions, sexuality, fear, and death. “I’m a fortunate man. I’m an artist. It means I use my full time, my full life to create something with my hands, with my brain, with my soul.”

To follow his other work, visit www.guiodelcarpio.com


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