Time to Exercise

The idea behind Fit Kids Day is to introduce children to sports so they spend more time outside being active while having fun. Created by kids to create awareness about childhood obesity, the 3rd annual event at Evelyn Greer Park took place on Saturday, May 3 and included tennis drills, soccer training, martial arts, baseball games, lacrosse demos, Zumba and relaxation techniques. Nutritionists were also on hand to educate families about healthy eating with food demonstrations.

“I think Fit Kids Day is worth the effort because it spreads the message that a healthy kid is a healthy adult,” said Eduardo Bricenos-Saez, a 12-year-old Fit Kids Day student ambassador and a seventh grader in Gulliver Academy. “Being part of Fit Kids Day has made me realize that kids have a voice in the community and that we can make positive changes.”



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