Vanishing Regret

A Creek resident uses her nursing experience to help others change their tattoo past

Though it might not seem like an obvious leap to take 32 years of nursing experience and turn it into a specialization in laser tattoo removal, registered nurse Jamie Plastina finds that the two correlate. Her business, VanishThatTat.com offers laser tattoo removal and lightening, with reduced prices for those looking to improve their lives.

The idea spawned on a plane ride, where Plastina was brainstorming industries to enter that aligned with her nursing experience, which has encompassed hospital and home care as well as management and business ownership. At the time, Plastina was a single mother to two girls and couldn’t afford the financial investment to enter the tattoo removal industry—the equipment cost more than of $100,000. Instead, she took six years to research the practice.

“In that process [of researching], I took two laser tattoo removal certification courses and the laser safety officer course,” Plastina says. “In doing all my research … and really learning the industry, I just became obsessed with it; I thought it was the coolest thing. [Tattoos] don’t have to be permanent anymore.”

Tattoo removal is not just for those who no longer like their tattoos. Plastina offers free removals for cancer patients who have had radiation treatment and want their tattoo markers removed. She also reduces prices for jobseekers who want to remove tattoos because prospective employers forbid visible face, hand and neck ink.

“I’m trying to get more involved with the state of Florida and with the county [to help] anyone who has been incarcerated or in rehab, who may have gone down a different path in life at one time, who really wants to get re-acclimated into society again to be able to work,” Plastina says. “If they have visible tattoos … it could prevent them from the employment that they want, like the military, for instance.”

Plastina says the most common reason people have tattoos removed is to let go of the past and change their lives. It’s reflected in her business’ tagline: “Change your mind­—change your life.”

She says the most rewarding part of removing tattoos is seeing the progress toward perfect results, as well as helping people achieve their long-term goals. As for her own goals, she hopes to expand her business.

“I just fell in love with it,” Plastina says. “I like to help people, and I think this is a good way to help people in this day and age.”


Location: 4400 W. Sample Road, Suite 240

Info: vanishthattat.com; 754.312.6385


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