Volunteers Help Beautify and Maintain Village Parks

Pinecrest celebrated National Public Lands Day on September 27 at two parks with volunteers that ranged from children as young as 12 years old to adults who volunteer with TREEmendous Miami, an organization dedicated to preserving trees in Miami-Dade County. TREEmendous Miami volunteers planted an additional 90 plants in the all-native-species project on the eastern side of Coral Pine Park to continue to beautify and maintain this extraordinary installation, favored by butterflies and birds alike. This exotic-to-native transformation section was started in March of 2013 and has grown beyond expectations. Also, Girl Scouts and other Pinecrest residents came out to the Pinecrest Community Center’s butterfly garden and cleaned up the flowerbeds and planted pesticide-free flowering plants that encourage bees and butterflies to pollinate. To further commemorate this special day, Mayor Cindy Lerner proclaimed September 27 as National Public Lands Day.



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