Breast Lift: Take Years Off Your Breasts

Take Years Off Your Breasts:  Breast Lift in Weston, FL

The Breast Lift, also called a mastopexy, does just that.  It is neither a breast augmentation, nor a breast reduction—it is a surgical procedure performed by skillful surgeon in Weston, Florida, that changes the contour of the breasts by lifting them to a higher, more youthful position without changing their size.    


As a woman ages, her breast size, pregnancy, nursing, genetics and gravity all work together to change the breast position towards one direction— down.


In time, these factors combine to produce a condition called “breast ptosis,” or a stretching of the skin causing the breast to sag and “droop.”



Size, Age and Gravity = SAG or “droop.”


Size. Breast size, and gravity, are the greatest causes of sagging. Over time, breasts enlarge, pull down, stretch and lose tone.


Age. Skin layers become very thin with age, causing the loss of even more tone. The combination of age and breast size greatly increases the overall drooping. 


Pregnancy. During breast engorgement, the skin is again stretched. Following pregnancy and nursing, the breasts lose internal mass and the skin stretches even more.


“Drooping” comes in all degrees.


Plastic surgeons in Weston, can measure the degree of breast droop. It is based on the position of the nipple in relation to the inframammary crease (the place where the skin under the breast is adjoined to the abdomen).  


There’s a mastopexy procedure for every degree of droop. Generally, the greater the droop, the more extensive the mastopexy procedure.


Normal. Nipple positioned high above the crease, in an almost horizontal aspect.


Mild Droop. Nipple on line with crease; requires removal of skin around nipple.


Moderate Droop. Nipple below the crease, points downward at forty-five degree angle often requiring the removal of skin both around entire nipple.


Advanced Droop. Nipple on lowest part of breast points downward requires removal of skin around and below nipple, and along the inframammary crease.



What should I expect with breast lift recovery?


Breast lifts are performed under general anesthesia. When the anesthesia wears off and you’re awake and alert with vital signs normal— you’re ready to be taken home. 


Once the feelings and sensitivities in the breast areas begin to return, discomfort can be mild to moderate.  It can be controlled with prescription pain medication your surgeon will prescribe for you. 


Before you leave the surgeon’s office, you will be given a list of do’s and don’ts for you to follow during your recovery. If you still have questions, they may be answered by the staff in your surgeon’s office. They have first-hand information and are very knowledgeable and happy to share. 


Take years off by giving yourself the lift you deserve.    



Dr. Schwartz—Weston Center for Plastic Surgery

To learn more about Breast Augmentation visit https://www.plasticsurgeryweston.com/breast-lift-pembroke-pines/



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