SOBEWFF: Menu Masters, Part 1

Cesar Zapata Chef at: Phuc Yea (7100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami) SOBEWFF Event (sobewff.org): Chicken Coupe, hosted by Michelle Bernstein; Feb. 25 at Jungle Plaza in Miami Design District. More than a dozen chefs will serve up their best fried chicken, along with homestyle sides and dessert. Six high-end Champagne houses also will be on hand

Lifestyle Exclusive: Mariel Hemingway

When asked if, even 15 years ago, she could’ve have envisioned herself as a national spokesperson for mental health challenges, Mariel Hemingway doesn’t mince words. “Back then, it was about survival for me,” says the actress who rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s with movies like Personal Best, Star 80 and

Paul Stanley at Wentworth Galleries

It’s no secret to fans of KISS that visuals continue to play a prominent role in the rock band’s global success—from the pyrotechnic theatrics in their stage show to the iconic face paint and wardrobe that created a mass-market phenomenon starting in the 1970s. But the visual appeal doesn’t end there, at least when it

A&E Spotlight: Kevin Cronin

The classic rock band that broke huge in 1980 with the release of Hi Infidelity takes the stage Wednesday night (Feb. 8, 7:30 p.m.) at The Amp in Pompano Beach (pompanobeacharts.org). Three years ago, Lifestyle spoke with REO Speedwagon’s spirited lead singer on the eve of a local concert that never transpired due to the

Remembering Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams, the actress best known for playing Shirley Feeney on the top-rated 1970s sitcom Laverne & Shirley, died on Jan. 25 in Los Angeles. Lifestyle had the pleasure of interviewing Williams for the June 2021 issue on the eve of a one-woman show being hosted by the Wick in Boca Raton. She spoke to Lifestyle about a show

Cover Story: Taylor Dayne, Part I

Though her afternoon performance at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is technically over, leave it to Taylor Dayne to return for an encore. Already this day, the iconic singer with worldwide sales of more than 75 million albums and singles to her beloved name has changed wardrobe three times for a cover photo and

Cover Story: Taylor Dayne, Part II

Staying Power: Taylor estimates that she’s doing more than 70 shows a year, reaching new fans (and new generations of fans) with each show. “You don’t start your career and think, ‘What am I going to be saying in 35 years?’ You can’t even get past five years in this industry. “I’ve crossed paths with

Cover Story: Gustavo Cadile, Part 1

Sure, in another context the idea of Gustavo Cadile draped all over your favorite female celebrities in photo after photo might raise an eyebrow. But this is exactly why A-list actresses, award-winning singers, television hosts and multimedia moguls have sought him out for the past decade-plus. Because, in a flash, a red-carpet stroll can become

Cover story: Gustavo Cadile, Part 2

A getaway to South Florida after leaving college in Argentina left Gustavo Cadile smitten with the Magic City. He moved to Miami without knowing English and quickly found a job as a busboy at two hotel restaurants (one in Surfside, one on Miami Beach). One of his co-workers introduced Cadile to the manager of an

Visions of Rosana, Part 1

It’s one thing to suffer for your art, but how many painters are willing to bleed for it? Especially to the extent that Rosana Friederichs does. To be fair, the liquid is more accent than primary color. Still, the native of Brazil incorporates enough of her own blood into works she composes on Bristol paper

Visions of Rosana, Part 2

Twist of Fate: When Rosana Friederichs signed up for classes in 2019 to attend Miami International University of Art & Design, her intent was to pursue an interior design degree—which, similar to her move from fashion to prop styling, felt like a natural extension of the work she’d been doing. But a Western art history

She’s For Real, Part 1

Long before she gained reality renown under a different last name in Southern California, Victoria Steinmetz spent her formative years in Illinois handling the books for her father’s construction businesses. The self-described “math freak” took care of invoicing and receivables, manually inputting accounting figures for William Steinmetz’s multiple ventures, including Steinmetz Interiors in Elk Grove