Life Lessons: Rachel Sapoznik

  • We have a yoga teacher coming to the office this week. I always try to find innovative ways to get my team moving.
  • My thing has always been education. I love to educate, and there’s nothing more important to me than to educate someone on how to take care of themselves the best way they can.
  • Look at Italy, look at France—their way of being is so much better than the United States. In Europe, you’re walking, and you’re eating smaller portions and not all the artificial food. How can the greatest country in the world not have the best health care system? We don’t. We don’t even have the healthiest people. Why is that?
  • We’ve created a society of entitlement.
  • Employers have become society’s surrogate parents. If we can help our employees—and we have time in the work day to move around, to understand wellness, to understand the benefits—the employees get healthier. And [with] healthier employees, your profits are going to go up.
  • It’s hard for [people in high-pressure, high-stress work environments] to get out and go to the doctor. Many years ago, I saw what was going on and I made that my [business] model. I thought about, “How can I make a difference?” By really observing what was going on, we were able to create this environment where we bring everything to them … the nurses, the technicians who can check your arteries. It takes 15 minutes. We’ve had people [whose lives we’ve] saved because maybe their arteries were 90 percent clogged and they didn’t even know it.
  • The person is the gift. I want people to love themselves again and say, “I am a gift to my family—and if I stay healthy, I will be a great gift.”


The Sapoznik File

  • The employee benefits agency debuted in 1987.
  • The firm is the fourth-largest insurance agency in South Florida.
  • Sapoznik’s current “The Gift is You” initiative focuses on valuing individuals’ health and wellness.
  • She wrote A Passion for Wellness: Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line, which was published in 2015.
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