Pediatric Center Begins Capital Campaign for $20 Million Medical Village in Florida City

The nonprofit pediatric medical daycare center serves some of South Miami-Dade’s most disadvantaged children

Patches recently began working on its capital campaign to build the Patches Village, a permanent campus on 5 acres of land in Florida City. The initial funding phase was led by Heartbeats for Patches, the nonprofit’s affiliated fundraising group, which pledged $500,000 over five years. The initial contribution for 2022 is $130,000.

Building the Patches Village has been a dream of founders Kyle Smith and Joanie Ippolito, who have provided nonprofit medical daycare for up to 65 children in a rented converted warehouse space for nearly 20 years. The centerpiece of the new Village campus at S Redland Rd and SW 352nd Street will be a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art building to provide pediatric and young adult medical daycare, skilled nursing treatment, specialized schooling, speech, occupational and physical therapies, dietary support, an on-site pharmacy, and social services to support children with complex and chronic medical needs, and their families. One of the essential and groundbreaking features of the new complex will be a place for young adults who, at 21 years of age, are out of pediatric medical facilities to continue receiving medical care, therapy, and support throughout their lifetimes.

“Our vision is to build a permanent facility that provides accessible nursing and therapeutic care, along with personalized education to foster optimal growth and development for these seriously ill children, as well as fully support our patients’ families and our community,” Smith says.

The campus is expected to cost nearly $20 million, comprised of private and foundation donations, grants, and hoped-for state and federal funds.

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