Sweet Treats for Summer

These sweet South Florida bakeries create delicious concoctions perfect for enjoying in the summer months.

Easy as Pie

“Eso es pan comío,” the Cuban expression relating to edible treats, rolls easily off the tongue at Cao Bakery and Café in Fort Lauderdale. An offshoot of Vicky Bakery, the longtime favorite of Little Havana, Cao offers everything from pastelitos to cafecitos, just as they’ve been prepared by the Cao family for generations.



Scientifically Proven

If nitrogen ice cream seems out of your element, then you haven’t tasted it yet. Phenomenom Nitrogen Ice Cream & Bake Shop in Pinecrest serves up summer’s No. 1 treat, scoop by decadent scoop. It’s creamier than traditional ice cream, thanks to its liquid nitrogen freezing process, because at minus-320 degrees Fahrenheit, only the smallest possible ice crystals are produced. And since it’s served seconds after it freezes, there’s no icky freezer burn to spoil the scrumptiousness.


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