Women in distress

Summer is often associated with a sense of freedom. Schools are out, vacations commence and the outside world greets us with sunshine. However, no matter how bright the sunlight is, for some, the summer is cast with darkness.  “If a mom is going to make that break, it often happens in the summer. It’s that

Buttoned Up

Something didn’t quite fit for Sebastian Garcia when it came to wedding-day attire for his male clients. Unlike suits, tuxedos have two lapels—slick, razor-edged flaps of fabric that line both sides of a jacket. That excess material can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars added onto a price tag. “A tuxedo is so

A Salute to SFC Mullings

What happens when you serve in the military, holding positions that include combat jobs, administration, drill sergeant and recruiter? You form a squad of your own at home. That’s what SFC Christopher Mullings did. He and his wife, Donna, have seven children whose ages range from 17 to 32. His oldest son, Christopher Jr., who

Jill Naidus: Live to Give

  From her breast cancer awareness license plate to her collection of over 30 race medals and plaques, it’s safe to say that Jill Naidus is a philanthropic Parkland “it” mom. “My name is Charity. I do charity work,” says Jill Naidus, without hesitation, as we sit around her kitchen table.   Known as the