The Salt Suite in Palm Beach Offers a Modern Take on Ancient Tradition

The company focuses its services on the healing power of salt

As the only operating halotherapy franchise in the United States, Salt Suite aims to spread the health benefits of halotherapy throughout its Palm Beach locations. Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, entails sitting in immersive salt caves. The treatment is created through a halogenerator that replicates the therapeutic environment of salt mines to reduce the effects of respiratory and skin conditions to help reduce stress and improve sleep. Its origins date back to ancient times when the healing power of salt was first discovered.

According to the Salt Suite, the benefits of this unique treatment include:

Removing toxicity from the respiratory system: Salt therapy helps patients breathe easier by helping remove toxins from the environment, including dust, dander, air pollution, chemicals, mold, and more.

Improving the function and appearance of skin: Sitting in a replica salt cave environment can refresh the skin like a spa facial.

Supporting the immune system: Salt therapy can help your body eliminate toxins and bacteria from the respiratory tract to help boost the immune system.

Improving lung function and capacity: Salt can increase lung capacity and oxygen intake by lowering inflammation to enhance performance and quicken recovery.

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