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? We’ve always considered it a professional sport. It sounds funny to say, but there’s people that make $500,000. It ain’t like other sports, where you get paid to do it—you’ve got to win or you don’t get paid. It’s neat to be able to bring a professional sport to your hometown.

? It ain’t just me—it’s my dad and his brothers and all of our family. It’s very important to all of us. … Everything we do it’s as a family.

? To me, it ain’t [scary]. It sounds funny. A lot of people say, ‘Does that scare you, when you start messing with them bucking bulls?’ When you’re in the pen, it’s like being in a cage with a lion. Most of them ain’t extremely mean, but they can be at any time. They get pretty mad, pretty quick.

? I’m not saying there aren’t times when I don’t get scared, when I know I’m going to get hooked by a bull, or one is going to run me over. But I never think twice about doing something, because I’ve done it since I was so young.

? I’ve had broken bones and horses fall on me. I’ve been in a lot of different wrecks on horses and been run over by bulls and stuff like that. It hasn’t really slowed me down.

? I do get scared with [my 11-year-old son, Trey]. I never thought I would, but the first time you turn your kid loose on a horse by himself … you get pretty nervous. And when he started roping … there’s a lot of people that do what we do that are missing fingers from that. When my wife and son do it, I worry. When I’m doing it, I don’t worry about any of the dangers.

? I’ll be 43 this year, and I still do [rodeo] almost every weekend … A lot of [my family] quit as they got older and started raising families. I just never could. I always liked it.

The Weekly File

? Land and cattle supervisor for Weekly Brothers Davie Pro Rodeo

? Produces the rodeos at the arena in Davie (4271 Davie Road)

? President of All Florida Junior Rodeo Association

? Six-time Southeast Circuit finalist

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