Isabel Perez Salazar

The Coral Springs artist sheds light on the creative process and how her home country, Venezuela, inspires her work  Coming from a house where everyone is an attorney or doctor, I always ask myself, “Why did I decide art?” Since I was little, I had the hands and the mind to create.  I always want

Five Things to Know About: Prezzo

Prezzo Where: 5560 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton Phone: 561.314.6840 Website: prezzoboca.com 1. History revisited: It’s been nearly 20 years since restaurateurs Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max sold Prezzo, their beloved Italian outposts in Boca, Aventura and South Miami. At the time, the duo had some 14 restaurants in their stable, so the offer for

Five things to know about: Carmela Coffee Bar

Carmela Coffee Bar Where: 7967 N. University Drive, Parkland Phone: 954.906.5155 Website: carmelacoffee.com   1. The back story: The friendship between co-owners Rainier Abreu and Rafael Baretta spans 25 years. They met in high school in Venezuela and, later, both earned chemical engineering degrees at Simón Bolívar University. In 2016, Baretta contacted Abreu (who has

Five things to know about: Ke-uH

Ke-uH Where: 2278 Weston Road, Weston Phone: 954.900.2278 Website: keuhrestaurant.com A Little Help From Friends: Ke-uH (pronounced Ke-oo) is a twist on a slang Spanish greeting, que hubo? (“what’s up?”), which has been the introductory exchange between the restaurant’s eight partners for about 20 years. They’ve been friends since they attended high school together in

At Your Service

When Dr. Michael Sanwald committed to a practice dedicated entirely to at-home care, he knew there would be times, like the night of a recent holiday dinner party in Fort Lauderdale, when duty would call after normal business hours. In this case, a dying patient required end-of-life care. And, so, at 9:30, Sanwald left the

Catch a Ride

Vincent Iafano hails from Detroit, where half his family is retired from Ford Motor Company, the other half from General Motors. It was natural for him to go into business with Warren Henry Automotive, a local group run by a father and son, Warren and Larry Zinn, that sells Audis, Lamborghinis, Jaguars, Infinitis and Land

Rising Opportunities

A business-minded family’s car wash creates jobs for adults with autism In 2011, Tom D’Eri was graduating from Bentley University, a highly regarded business school near Boston, thinking about what kind of career he wanted. Perhaps something related to corporate social responsibility. Or sustainability. Or social entrepreneurship. At the same time, his father, John, a

Man on a Mission

Jarvis Landry’s inaugural event to benefit cystic fibrosis research—Jarvis’ Jam—holds deeper meaning for the Dolphins’ star receiver According to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, more than 30,000 U.S. residents are living with the progressive, genetic disease that limits the ability to breathe because of a consistent buildup of mucus in the lungs. A half-century ago, the

Lay of the Land

A Lifestyle event at Metropica featured an in-depth look at the South Florida housing market The latest installment of Lifestyle Connect drew more than 200 attendees to Sunrise for a wide-ranging panel discussion about the residential housing market with some of the region’s top real estate professionals. The sales gallery for Metropica, the luxury master

5 Questions with Robert C. Mattes, Parks and Recreation Director, Village of Pinecrest

Though Robert C. Mattes majored in outdoor recreation and psychology at Plymouth State University, it took becoming the recreation director for the city of Hopkinton, New Hampshire, to see that working in parks and recreation could be, to use his word, “wonderful.” “It really wasn’t until I started that career that I realized this isn’t