Bo Knows Business

Two years ago, Kim Bokamper was sitting with a small group of high school students before an event on the west coast of Florida. The students, each of whom would receive a college scholarship that night from the host charity, were given time prior to the ceremony to chat with the former Miami Dolphins defensive

5 Questions with Pete Skumanich, Former Deputy Police Chief

During his tenure on Pinecrest’s police force, Pete Skumanich helped to build the department by interviewing applicants for stability, education, professionalism and ethical standards. As a Pinecrest police officer since June 1997, and for 27 years with the city of Miami before that, Skumanich represented all these qualities—and much more. After 47 years in law

Edible Art

Dashi adds to the allure of River Yacht Club with Japanese cuisine that stirs the senses Less than a month into its run as the second culinary concept at River Yacht Club, the multidining destination along the Miami River, Dashi went dark at the worst possible time. It happened with a full house on a

New Place to Be

CityPlace Doral brings a central entertainment district to Miami-Dade A large, neon-lit fountain sparkles near the center of CityPlace Doral, delighting crowds with its programmed water shows. Everything about CityPlace Doral, from its sleek and modern design to its assortment of retail, dining and entertainment spaces, is striking. The highly anticipated mixed-use complex, created by

Calming Influence

Aside from nearly three years in the U.S. Air Force, Miguel Arbesu always has lived in Miami. He used to live in Pinecrest, attending Miami Palmetto Senior High School. He went to the University of Miami for a bit and then graduated from Florida International University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. After

Open the Door

A new South Beach restaurant rethinks its drinks with an Asian-influenced sour A new casual restaurant in Miami Beach offers a solution when one friend craves Latin fare and another wants Asian. Open since November, Doa (2000 Collins Ave.) is the latest from restaurateur Arjun Waney of Zuma, The Arts Club, Coya and La Petite Maison

Thank You for the Music

As a music teacher at Arch Creek Elementary School in North Miami, Jimmy Michel witnessed firsthand the needy children who weren’t able to pay for music lessons outside of school. Over his 11 years as a music teacher, the Florida Memorial University graduate met talented children whose parents couldn’t afford to pay $50 or more

A World of Wonder

Mary Jane VandenBerge’s family couldn’t go on road trips without her father, Ronald Boender, making several stops to explore nature. “When we rode through the Everglades,” she recalls, “the station wagon would come to a screeching halt because he saw a moth or a spider on a pole and we had to collect it.” Though

Summer Essentials

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Breaking Records, Living Strong

Chris Ruden looks like a tough guy, a bodybuilder with a physique that makes you embarrassed that you don’t work out more. When he tells you he’s on target for getting into the Guinness Book of World Records for breaking a weightlifting record—640 pounds at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, held in March—it