Freeze Frame

In this era of iPhone cameras and social media, imagine being the only person on the planet to film a defining moment in history. How long would it take such a priceless piece of footage to reach the masses? Twelve seconds? Twelve minutes? What if it weren’t shown to the rest of the world for

Building a Dream

Developer Jorge Perez, credited for creating Miami’s skyline, has a vision for South Florida in the next decade. He sees one connective region, from Miami all the way to Palm Beach—with Fort Lauderdale as the center of this universe. Perez’s Fort Lauderdale urban center would be a downtown, where people worked, lived and played. Walking,

Driven to Help

Thanksgiving has been on Mark Adler’s mind since September. He had just a few months to secure the 350 volunteers needed for Meals on Wheels South Florida to tackle the time-honored holiday. “Thanksgiving is a huge undertaking, but it’s super-fun, actually,” says Adler, the organization’s executive director. “There’s a lot going on that day.” For

The Cool Hang

The more David and Vanessa Cardaci tried to change their routine, the more it stayed the same. They would set out on Friday nights in search of a spirited space in Fort Lauderdale, a place that exuded cool without trying, a place where they could sip on some cocktails, listen to music and savor the

Mike Vecchione

I’m not short enough to be cute, not tall enough to be an actual man … Women don’t find me adorable, but I still can’t reach things. (From his stand-up routine.) My grandfather and father had a family business, and they didn’t get along. So my father took his family and moved us to Boca.

Life Lessons: Rachel Sapoznik

We have a yoga teacher coming to the office this week. I always try to find innovative ways to get my team moving. My thing has always been education. I love to educate, and there’s nothing more important to me than to educate someone on how to take care of themselves the best way they

Five Things to Know About: Bocas House

The Business of Food: Co-founders Levin de Grazia and César González are Venezuelan businessmen; de Grazia’s family has more than 30 years of experience managing restaurants, and González is a cook who started posting his creations on his Instagram account, @co_cinero, which has garnered more than 1.5 million followers. Options Galore: Among the most-requested dishes are the

Five Thing to Know About: Octopus

Take the plunge: The third and final foodie venue at Plunge Beach Hotel, Octopus gives the property a gourmet gastropub to go with its other offerings: Bean & Barnacle (artisan sandwiches, coffee, gelato) and Backflip (Latin- and food truck-inspired beach bar fare). The price is right: Along the way, food and beverage director Will Sibernagel

Five Things to Know About: Déjà Blue

A Diverse Palate: The European-style restaurant, café and lounge features a multi-ethnic menu, highlighting cuisine found in Italy, France, Greece, North Africa and the Middle East. “The recipes are very much authentic to their origin,” says co-owner Sabrina Cozzolino. “We don’t want to be identified as a Greek place or an Italian place or a

Five Things to Know About: Avant

Something different: Delray’s thriving cultural scene finds a culinary complement with the arrival of Avant, a collaboration between Society 8 Hospitality Group and Nxt Big Thing. The 4,600-square-foot space, formerly home to SoLita and Mastino, has been reimagined as a hip, inviting ode to the social aspect of dining—and a celebration of art in its