Editor’s Letter: Read All About It

Over the course of my first year at Lifestyle, we’ve had the pleasure of presenting hundreds of stories in our magazines, stories that hopefully have delivered insights into the people and businesses that add to the flavor of South Florida communities from Delray Beach to Miami. We’ve written about chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs and a barbecue

In the Spotlight: Great Escapes

The Diplomat Beach Resort The buzz: What does $100 million buy you these days in the resort industry? If you’re The Diplomat, a mainstay on Hollywood Beach since 1958, it’s a return to glory thanks to a jaw-dropping transformation that manages to find the sweet spot between sophistication and coastal comfort. The face-lift, which started

Tip of the Cap’s

For all the bootlegging history that awaits those who swing through the wooden saloon doors at Cap’s Place, the story of this Lighthouse Point landmark typically begins on a 27-foot vintage launch boat. That’s the only way to reach the bar/restaurant on Cap’s Island. Once aboard the boat, which leaves the Lighthouse Point Yacht Basin

Waxing Poetic

Art is Sharonda Richardson’s icebreaker. Creating keeps her balanced. Writing is her pipeline to communication—and she has a lot to say. In March, the poet—best known by her stage name, Eccentrich—took her stories to Dallas, where she competed in the international Women of the World Poetry Slam. She placed 14th out of 96 poets representing

Breaking Tradition

Rebecca Loveless isn’t sure how many tattoos she has, but she guesses about 60. She calls the areas of her skin without them “spots.” “I’m filling the spots,” she says. “It’s not so much as, ‘I want a tattoo on my chest.’ It’s, ‘I need a tattoo on my chest because there’s a giant spot

5 Questions with Shannon del Prado

Trial attorney, Pita, Weber & del Prado For Shannon del Prado, nothing is more personally satisfying than helping someone achieve something that they can’t do on their own. Because she’s a lawyer, there’s nothing more professionally satisfying, either. Growing up with a foreign service officer father and a mother who worked for the United States

Evolution, Not Revolution

Barley reimagines itself again—with delightful results—at Downtown Dadeland At Barley, patience is a virtue—both in creating wholesome food and cultivating a concept that has been years in the making. The American brasserie, located in Miami’s budding Downtown Dadeland neighborhood, planted its roots in a Kendall condominium in 2012 as the pork-centric Barley & Swine, later

Simply the Best

An uncomplicated recipe highlights a summer cocktail’s pure ingredient We’re often advised to keep things “sweet and simple.” That’s Seaspice’s new summer cocktail in a nutshell—or rather, a coconut. The Coco Loco has two ingredients: a Thai coconut and Havana Club rum. It could be the restaurant’s simplest cocktail, says bar manager Attila Kocsis, but

A Son and a Soldier

Veterans Park hosts a tribute to a fallen infantryman from Coconut Creek Beth Becker-Agami and her son, Daniel, were as close as a mother and son could be. He called her almost every day, or they used Skype. Daniel would email her and send her videos he made. It meant more to her because the