Back to School Goods

[image_with_text image=”21456″] 1. 24+7 large laptop backpack: $139, theoliverthomas.com 2. BUILT NY Perfect Seal Apex Vacuum Insulated Bottle: $14.99, amazon.com 3. HubPlus universale charger: $79.99, mycharge.com 4. Yvonne Slip-on sneaker by Vionic: $109.95, vionicshoes.com 5. Baldwin lace-up sneaker by Vionic: $129.95, vionicshoes.com [/image_with_text][image_with_text image=”21457″] 6. Horizon wellness bracelet (green) and classic sleep bracelet- steel case

3 Multi-Tasking Masters To Add To Your Morning Routine

We’ve all had that morning. It’s ten minutes past the time when your last alarm of seven was supposed to wake you up and you’re just now scrambling to get out from under the covers. You knock your dog off the side of the bed in your rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth

Male Call

1. the cary briefcase by stuart and lau: $295; stuartandlau.com;  2. baxter of california 3 and 5 cartridge razon: $100; baxterofcalifornia.com;  3. herb and lou’s infused ice cubes: $17.99; herbandlous.com;  4. bartending glasses by kikkerland $21; set of 4; kikkerland.com; 5. no. 1827 pocket comb: $40,ezraarthur.com;  6. no. 215 travel case by colsen keane: $110;

Style Statement

Special for Lifestyle readers: Receive 25 percent off orders in January at floridacottonco.com by inserting the coupon code LifestyleVIP into your shopping cart.   On paper, the résumé dots don’t connect. Why is someone who created and sold his own technology firm early in his prolific business career suddenly selling Egyptian cotton pullovers online? What

Summer Essentials

Ecovessel.com oka-b.com coravin.com slippa.net truenatural.com thegrommet.com alastin.com sharkbanz.com magicopener.com georgeformancooking.com perfectshaker.com cottoncarrier.com stomprocket.com

Make his Day
Brush Strokes

WET BRUSH These holiday detangling brushes (in an array of metallic colors) feature special IntelliFlex bristles that take the fear out of working with knotted hair. $14.99; thewetbrush.com CHRISTOPHE ROBIN PURIFYING HAIR FINISH LOTION & PURIFYING SHAMPOO The lotion with sage vinegar ($48) adds instant shine; the shampoo with jujube bark extract ($38) works to

Fit and Fabulous

With these athleisure pieces from South Florida-based companies, gym clothes don’t have to be the least-fashionable items in your wardrobe. Serve in Style Improve your game on and off the court. Upgrade from your worn tennis skirt to this Icon resort romper  from Bluefish Sport and add casually chic flair to your wardrobe. $98; bluefishsport.com

It’s Good to be Queen

By Angela Caraway-Carlton Tiffany & Co.’s gemologists travel the world in search of the rarest and most exotic gemstones—and it’s evident in the stunning 2016 Blue Book collection. Mom can live life in color with a 27.08-carat pink spinel ring adorned with blue cuprian elbaite tourmalines. Or, add some star power with this unique starfish