Holy Guacamole

These local restaurants are boasting unique guacamole dishes put the FL in flavor.

Tap 42

An all-American locale, Tap 42 infuses favorite flavors into a classic dish with the Bacon and Sweet Corn Guacamole. This appetizer combines charred corn, cotija cheese, fried garlic and pink onions with a healthy serving of smashed avocados.


Bar Rita

This local hot spot is serving up four unique varieties of guacamole for guests to indulge in. Choose from Hot Queso & Bacon, Truffle Street Corn, Spicy Tuna Mango or the authentic Rita’s Original with lime, cilantro, pico de gallo and, of course, avocados. These specialty items are available on the regular menu as well as the Happy Hour menu, served Tuesday through Friday from 4-7 p.m., for nearly half the regular price.


Andy’s Live Fire Grill

A mixture of seaside flavors and traditional avocado sweetness, this restaurant’s Lobster Guacamole has quickly become a local favorite. Enjoy the rich flavors of lobster, mango, red onions and spices combined with haas avocados.

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