Coral Springs resident gets to work making masks

Kyra Poulos readily admits her kitchen table is “a mess” right now. But it’s with good reason. The table has become the center of operations for her efforts to make masks for health care workers and essential workers in South Florida and around the country. Currently furloughed from her job as director of sales for

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions

Looking to boost your immune system? 4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions (with offices in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale) offers a safe and effective way to help fortify your internal systems. 4Ever Shield, an intravenous treatment, funnels a blend of wellness and immune-supporting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream. The IV mix includes vitamins

It’s always 5 o’clock at Margaritaville’s St. Somewhere Spa

Where: St. Somewhere Spa at Margaritaville Beach Resort (1111 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood) The vibe: It should come as no surprise that a resort bearing Jimmy Buffett-inspired branding would offer a designated changes-in-attitude facility to decompress and refresh. At Margaritaville, St. Somewhere Spa fills the rejuvenating niche with 11 treatment rooms amid its 11,000-square-foot layout.

History in the making at Auberge Spa

Where: The Spa at Auberge Beach (2200 N. Ocean Blvd., Fort Lauderdale) The treatments: Massages and body rituals involving the quartz table The lowdown: At first glance, nothing about the custom-manufactured Gharieni quartz treatment table screams ancient Egypt. Its chic body-length design and inversion gravity settings all speak to a work of contemporary wonder in

Plant-based bites in South Florida

Doctors and nutritionists tell us that diet and exercise are critical in the fight against high blood pressure, which can lead to strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. To that end, some South Florida residents are eliminating meat and seafood altogether, turning vegan, or, at the far end of the spectrum, eating only raw, non-cooked food. The

Loud and Clear: What to know about hearing health

At the Hearing Center of Broward and Palm Beach, patients who visit audiologist Kimberly White are typically retirees, reflecting the fact that most people who experience hearing loss are 60 and older. But White’s concern for hearing health extends to people of all ages. About 48 million Americans have hearing loss, White says, but only

Buzzworthy New Breakfast Items at Beehive Kitchen

Beehive Kitchen, a create-your-own bowl restaurant with three locations around South Florida, has recently launched a new breakfast menu loaded with healthy options. Breakfast is now served Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and includes items such as build-your-own acai bowls with both classic and vegan bases, fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits

Trauma and Suicide

The statistics boggle the mind. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States in 2017. The CDC reported 47,173 suicides for that year—more than double the number of homicides. For young people, the statistics become even more troubling: Suicide was the second

Quick Strike Capability

As a physical education teacher at Unity School in Delray Beach, Sharon Gerry (pictured) was a model of health and extreme endurance. She ran 60 miles a week on average, she didn’t smoke or drink, and she slept restfully every night. So, when the 55-year-old athlete woke up feeling “kind of odd,” she thought her

What’s What In Wellness: Baahtcha

It’s no secret that matcha has moved quickly to the forefront of the health and wellness scene. Whether it’s in the form of a latte, a smoothie, or even a baked good, this powerful powder is everyone’s new favorite healthy treat. Baahtcha has recently introduced a new line of matcha powders that not only tastes

Delray Medical Center harnesses proton power

People who’ve received photon radiation therapy as part of cancer treatment often have suffered from a mix of side effects, including exhaustion, skin changes and damaged genes. Sick children are particularly vulnerable; the effects of the therapy on their young bodies have the potential to lead to a lifetime of problems, like memory loss and

Matters of the Heart

It turns out that a healthy and balanced relationship really is one of the best ways to protect our hearts. And not just in the romantic sense. As American Heart Month, February is an opportunity to revisit our relationship with food. “We have to have our heart in the middle of the plate,” says Christie