When In Need Police Officers Giving A Leg Up

There is a group of officers dubbed as the Homeless Education Assessment Resource Team (H.E.A.R.T.).  Sergeant Brandi DelVecchio, along with 7 other Coconut Creek officers, have been reaching out to the homeless community to educate them on the services that are available for them. 

“Although Coconut Creek may not be directly populated with the individuals that suffer from homelessness, we do experience a transient influx from time to time, during the day,” shares Sgt. DelVecchio. 

Four of the officers, including Sgt. Delvecchio, attended the Homeless Specialist Course offered at IPS and sponsored by BSO. This course not only educated the officers further, but it also helped them get more information out to the homeless. 

In 2015, the officers changed their uniforms and thought it was a good idea to give their old uniforms to the homeless community. 

“Most of our old uniforms have little to no wear, and it seemed a waste to just turn them in,” Sgt. DelVecchio observed.

All uniforms are made with polyester material making them useful for mechanics, landscapers, outside workers, even dress pants. The Homeless Assistance Center happened to need pants in all sizes and the officers donated over 200 pair.  They also distributed pants to other facilities that needed them. 

This donation on behalf of the Coconut Creek Police Department is something that will be cherished forever. 

“We all got into this job wanting to help people.  On occasion, we actually get to see the difference we make as a department,” Sgt. DelVecchio says.


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